Kronos InTouch

Download this datasheet to learn more about this amazing time-clock for Inflection HR's HCM solutions.

A multitasking time clock for fast, easy data collection and so much more

Kronos InTouch Timeclock for Inflection HR HCM Solutions

Built for today’s modern workforce, the Kronos InTouch ® for Inflection HR's HCM Solutions delivers an unrivaled user experience that changes the way employees interact with their HCM systems.

See all of the features of this amazing time-clock including: adoption and improved productivity.kronos-intouch-cover-border

  • SUPPORT FOR ALL MAJOR BADGE FORMATS INCLUDING THE LATEST SMART CARD TECHNOLOGIES: Allows employees to punch using the system that works best for them — and your organization.
  • EASY-TO-UNDERSTAND LED INDICATOR: Lets you know that a punch has been accepted via an audible tone and bright green indicator.
  • SELECTABLE LANGUAGES: Supports English, Spanish, French, and/or Dutch simultaneously, enabling a multilingual workforce to share one time clock. 
  • OPTIONAL BIOMETRIC VERIFICATION OR IDENTIFICATION: Prevents buddy punching via Kronos Touch ID® Plus. Verification requires a badge ID before the finger scan, while identification only requires a finger scan to perform a standard function.