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Time & Attendance Solution Guide

Download this guide to learn how to empower your teams with Inflection HR's time and attendance solution.

Develop a high-performance workforce with valuable insight that drives bottom-line results.

Get a fix on the problem: 

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  • TIMEKEEPING ERRORS - Do you struggle to manage employee timekeeping with paper timecards or other manual processes?
  • EXCESSIVE OVERTIME - Do your managers lack visibility to the information they need to control overtime costs?
  • WORKPLACE FAIRNESS - Are your organization’s work rules and policies subject to inconsistent interpretation and application by individual managers?
  • COMPLIANCE RISK - Do your current timekeeping processes leave you exposed to risk of noncompliance with government regulations like the FLSA?
  • BUSINESS INSIGHT - Is your organization relying on operational information that is late, incomplete, or just plain wrong? Are your systems unable to provide insight to understand what your data is telling you?
  • EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT - Do your employees want better online and mobile access to the information they need to balance work life and personal life?