Payroll, Time & Labor, and HR Solutions for Growing Companies

Inflection HR provides payroll, time + labor , and human resource applications that help companies control labor costs, minimize compliance risk, and improve processes and productivity

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Simple, Flexible, and Affordable 


We know that every business is unique in how they operate, and that needs change over time. That's why we coupled a best-in-class enterprise human capital management solution with our team of talented workforce management professionals to bring you a flexible,  customizable solution that is simple, affordable, and able to scale with your company's needs.

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Prehire to Retire, Workforce Management Simplified

  • Cloud-Based SaaS solution
  • Affordable pay as you go pricing
  • Deploy one or all solutions, you choose
  • One unified platform and user experience 
  • Single employee record & database
  • Highly personalized service
  • Low cost of ownership
  • No length of term agreements
  • Top of the line security controls
  • Continuous improvements
  • Efficient and cost effective
  • Empowers employees and managers
  • We do the heavy lifting
  • Dedicated U.S. based support team
Prehire to Retire, Workforce Management Simplified

Modular, Cloud-Based Solutions

Mix and match our solutions to suit your current and future business needs. Buy what you require today and then add more when you’re ready.

Smarter Payroll Solutions That Give You More Time to Focus on Your Business

Simplify, automate, and control your payroll process with our affordable cloud-based solution. Automate payroll tax deposits and compliance, streamline internal processes, and empower your employees.

You'll enjoy:
  • Perfect paychecks every time

  • Reduced risk of compliance-related issues and penalties

  • Streamlined processes that save time, effort, and money

  • Increased engagement of your workforce with 24/7 access for HR managers and employees

  • Improvements in efficiency when any area of your business intersect with payroll

  • Trusted team of payroll and hr experts to help you grow


Flexible Time and Attendance Solutions Control Labor Cost and Minimize Compliance Risk

Your time and attendance needs are met with our cloud based solution— from timecard management and labor cost tracking to employee scheduling and absence management, you'll have the tools you need.

Flexible Time and Attendance Solutions Control Labor Cost and Minimize Compliance Risk
We will help you:
  • Capture accurate data from time clocks, web, and mobile source

  • Maintain compliance and payroll accuracy with simplified timecard management

  • Robust exception management including missed punches and early/late arrivals

  • Set Schedules that tightly align staffing with operational goal

Modern HR Solution Streamlines and Automates Human Resources and Benefits Administration

Make HR a strategic part of your business by making paper driven processes obsolute, eliminating bottlenecks, and promoting employee engagement and empowerment with self service.

We'll help you:
  • Create simple workflows to automate HR processes

  • Develop, reward, and retain your valued talent with performance, incident, compensation management tools

  • Accelerate time-to-productivity for new hires with self service onboarding

  • Reduce the time, energy, and headcount associated with benefits administration

  • Store and track all employee data in one location

Modern HR Solution Streamlines and Automates Human Resources and Benefits Administration

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