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HCM Solution Guide

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A complete solution for creating and engaging a diverse workforce 

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HCM Solution Platform Features



See a complete list of all the features included in our HCM solution.

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Payroll Solution

IHR 2019 - Payroll Solution Cover


Drive efficiency and savings, and deliver the perfect paycheck every time.

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Talent Acquisition

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Effectively source, track, and evaluate talent to build an engaged, high-quality workforce.

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Performance Management 

DS-Performance Management Solution-Cover


 Align your entire organization for success.

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Accruals Solution

IHR 2019 - Accruals Solution Cover Border v2


Automate accrual tracking for improved accuracy and consistency.

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IHR 2019 - Timekeeping Solution-1 Cover Border


Control labor costs with automated time and attendance management.

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Compensation Management 

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Automate compensation planning for improved visibility and governance.

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CMS Staffing Data Submission/Payroll Based Journal Reporting

DS-Image-PBJ Reporting

We help providers meet PBJ reporting requirements.

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Benefits Administration

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Streamline benefits enrollment and management.

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Time & Attendance Solution Guide 

Time and Attendance Solution Guide | Inflection HR


Control labor costs with automated time and attendance management.

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Sample Reports

HCM Solution Sample Reports Datasheet | Inflection HR

Review the powerful reporting included with our HCM solutions.

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HR Solution



Focus on people not paperwork with our HRMS.

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Scheduling Solution 



Put the right person in the right place at the right time.

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Kronos InTouch



A multitasking time clock for fast, easy data collection

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ACA Management 

DS-ACA Management Solution-Cover Border


Proactively manage ACA compliance.

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Integration Hub



Discover integrations between our solution and third-party systems.

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Leave Management

DS-Image-Leave Management Solution


Automated leave management increases visibility and productivity while minimizing compliance risk.

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Attestation Solution

Attestation Solution Datasheet | Inflection HR


Drive engagement and compliance with flexible attestation tools.

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