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Cloud-Based Performance Management Software

Inflection HR's cloud-based performance management solution will help your business effectively manage your team and their talent by aligning your organization, linking compensation to performance and streamlining your processes.

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Accelerate the performance of your employees with cloud-based performance management

Automate Performance Reviews

Automated alerts and reminders keep form completion, feedback, and approvals moving forward.


Define & Track Cascading Goals

Use performance development tools to identify and manage specific outcomes, nurture progress, and recognize achievements.


Identify & Develop Top Talent

Interactive succession planning charts and graphs help you develop a talent pipeline for employees with the greatest potential.


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Inflection HR Performance Management Solution


To retain high-performing employees in a competitive environment, companies must cultivate a positive corporate culture and a committed workforce. Learn why so many people have chosen Inflection HR to be their cloud-based performance management software provider.


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Align your entire organization for success.

Thanks to our cloud-based performance management software, monitoring employee performance and providing feedback is easy. This efficient performance solution allows you to automate the performance review cycle with configurable workflows. Plan for succession with helpful tools that can identify and prepare top talent in your business for advancement or promotion. Nurture and develop that top talent with a flexible, data-driven approach that enables you to continuously assess, coach, and recognize employees for their achievements.

Cloud-Based Performance Management on tablet

Want to Learn More?

Cloud-based Performance Management Datasheet Cover
Download the Performance Management Solution Datasheet and find out how our cloud-based performance software can help your business:
  • ALIGN THE ORGANIZATION with automated approval workflows and gain at-a-glance visibility into applicant status.
  • INCREASE ENGAGEMENT AND RETENTION by enabling managers to continuously monitor employee goals and deliver ongoing feedback.
  • SAVE TIME AND STREAMLINE PROCESSES with online review forms and automated workflows that support a paperless HR environment.
  • SUPPORT EMPLOYEE DEVELOPMENT by tracking skills and certifications with customizable reports that show who needs training and when.
  • LINK COMPENSATION TO PERFORMANCE with a Merit Matrix that establishes guidelines for awarding pay based on performance rating and pay grade segment.
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Projects Completed
Projects Completed
Projects Completed

Check out the latest Performance Insights

Discover emerging trends in performance management, human capital management (HCM), compliance news, best practices, and resources from our @Work blog and HCM Resource Library

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"What A Wonderful Team To Rely On"

Ned Plimpton, Belafonte Co.

I'm continually blown away by the team at Symphony. They rock! I would come back again and again.

"Produced With Perfection In Mind"

Walter Sobchak, Rug Collector LLC

I don't know what I would do without Symphony. My happiness has gone through the roof :)

"This Product Blew Me Away"

Lucille Bluth, Real Estate Inc. Group

My expectations were exceeded beyond belief.  The product was wonderful and it asnwered all my problems!

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A Delightful User Experience

Managers, employees, and applicants will ♥ our easy to use mobile app that intuitively supports their HR, recruitment, timekeeping, payroll, and compliance tasks.

Schedule your personal demo today, and see how Inflection HR moves your business, and your people forward.

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