Time and Labor


Control labor costs, minimize compliance risk, and improve productivity with timekeeping, scheduling and labor management applications


Time and Labor

Time & Labor Management Solutions

Experience one of the most accurate and versatile web-based time and labor management applications on the market. This application has been created to address the complex and evolving needs within your industry.

  • Easy to Use and Fully Functional
    Intuitive and modern user interface features include employee and manager self service (ESS and MSS), workflows, configurable business logic, mass edit capabilities, multi-level security, and rich data collection options.
  • Versatile Pay Rules Engine
    Makes determining pay associated with regular and overtime hours a breeze. Multiple scenarios can be supported, including location or cost center, shift differentials, order of importance, and more.
  • Dynamic Scheduling
    Provides the ability to enter and change schedules on the fly, whether they are based on a daily, weekly, or other recurring pattern. This flexible frame of reference allows employees to be assigned to schedules or vice versa.
  • Powerful Rate Tracking
    On a global and/or personal level includes multipliers which assess the impact of change prior to running payroll for special rate conditions and effective dating.
  • Core Integration and Flexibility
    Seamless integration with our human resource, and payroll solutions OR choose to sync with other systems and providers
Time & Labor Management Solutions

Maximize your Workforce Potential

The Time and Labor Management application streamlines processes associated with the completion of payroll while helping you comply with applicable labor laws.

Features include:
  • Employee Scheduling
  • Accrual Tracking
  • Exception Tracking
  • Job Costing
  • Autopopulated Holidays
  • Flexible Pay Rules
  • Pay Categories 
  • Powerful Reporting
  • Custom Analytics
  • Mass Edit Capabilities
  • Notifications
  • Time-Off Request Tool
  • Manager and Employee Self Service
  • Hardware and data collection devices including
    • bar code
    • magnetic stripe
    • proximity
    • biometric
    • Web punch & Mobile app
Flexible Modular Solution

Flexible, modular solution

Mix and match our solutions to suit your current and future business needs.  Buy what you require today and then add more when you’re ready.

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