Unified, end-to-end Human Resource Solution


Hire, manage, and retain a high-performing workforce with an integrated, cloud-based end-to-end human resources solution



Unified, end-to-end Human Resource Solution

Cloud Based HR Solution

Inflection HR's unified, end-to-end HR solution, a module in the integrated, cloud-based Human Capital Management suite, provides a single system for all employee records and HR functions — from recruiting, onboarding, and training to benefits, performance, and compensation.

  • Easy to Use and fully functional
    Intuitive and modern user interface, our cloud-based solution gives you a single system for all employee records and HR functions.
  • Simplify benefits administration once and for all
    Simplify open enrollment and life event changes. Benefit premiums automatically become payroll deductions and standard benefits reports can be easily modified to reflect your specific business requirements.
  • Develop, reward, and retain your valued talent
    Stay on top of employee professional development by tracking skills and certifications with customizable reports that show you who needs training and when
  • Streamline Processes with Automation
    Alerts and reminders keep form completion, feedback, and approvals on track for timely, meaningful evaluations. Customizable workflow allows you to control processes and engage your workforce.
  • Core Integration and flexibility
    Seamless integration with our time and labor, and payroll solutions OR choose to sync with other systems and providers.
A Better Human Resource Solution

One solution for your HR needs

From pre hire to retirement planning, our cloud based hr management solution is a comprehensive end-to-end solution that’s amazingly easy to use.

HR Functionality includes:
  • Onboarding
  • Employee Benefits Enrollment
  • Life Events
  • New Hire checklist
  • Workflow (customizable)
  • Electronic form submission (W4, I9)
  • Custom electronic forms creator
  • Job tables and Position Control
  • Compensation management
  • Skills Tracking
  • Company Property
  • Asset Management
  • Training and course tracking
  • Document storage
  • Incident based emails and notifications
  • Workers Compensation claims
  • Customizable Dashboards 
  • Workflow based performance management
  • Coaching and incident tracking
Flexible Modular Solution

Flexible, modular solution

Mix and match our solutions to suit your current and future business needs.  Buy our cloud based human resource solution today, then add more when you’re ready.

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