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Google Cloud Integration

G Suite by Google Cloud is a cloud-based set of productivity tools designed to provide organizations of all sizes with easily accessible options for word processing, spreadsheet creation, scheduling, file sharing, and many other important daily tasks. Our solution is seamlessly integrated with Google Cloud, allowing improved HR, recruiting, talent management, compliance, and workforce management processes within familiar G Suite apps and mobile devices.

  • Employees and administrators can sign into your HCM solution using their Google for Work login.
  • Employee work schedules created in our solution are automatically and instantly synced to employees’ individual Google calendars.
  • Managers can combine report data from Sheets and display the information as a chart or graph on the solution’s dashboard.
  • Administrators can use Forms to easily capture data updates from employees and import that data directly into our solution.

Certify Travel & Expense Report Management

Certify provides everything your organization needs for effective travel and expense management in one simple, scalable, cloud-based solution. It automates expense report creation and submission for the employee, provides an online review and approval process for managers, and streamlines the processing and reimbursement process for finance professionals. Autogenerated reports and mobile expense management eliminate the need for paper receipts and spreadsheets.

On-demand reporting and analytics provide valuable insight into your travel expenditures, and automatic notifications and robust accounting controls help you consistently enforce your travel and expense policies for increased compliance.

Asher Group Telephony

The Asher Group has teamed with us to create a seamlessly integrated telephony data collection solution for our customers. The Asher System allows your employees to enter time and attendance information and communicate labor information using the keypad on a touch-tone or mobile phone. Employees can clock in by phone, and their punches will automatically appear on your system’s control panel. Specified access and a voice recording option help prevent fraudulent punches while PIN-based security eliminates the need for badges. Customizable call menus allow you to provide high-performance access — even at peak usage times. Whether you need simple data collection or more comprehensive employee self-service, Asher Group can quickly deploy a telephony system that is fully integrated with your applications.

eQuest Premium Job Board Integration

The eQuest Premium Job Boards Marketplace product is a cloud-based service that can be used to post job requisitions to paid job-site boards using the eQuest portal. This product differs from the free eQuest Advantage Network, in that this premium product will incur fees to post your job requisitions to major job boards.

After enabling the application in our system, eQuest will provide special credentials that will allow you to verify your connection, sign-in, and manage your job postings directly through the eQuest portal. During the configuration and verification process with eQuest, you will request the job boards for which you wish to post your job requisitions. We provide tools within our application to help you successfully post your job requisitions to eQuest and allow you to view the status of each posting.

Poster Compliance Workplace Posters

VerifiedFirst Background Screening Services

Background screening services are an effective and often required component in the recruit-to-hire process. The most basic background check involves a criminal history search but often extends into verifications of employment and education, references, licensing, and more. Integrate this step and further streamline their hiring process with one of industry's leading providers. 

E-Verify Integration

United States law requires companies to employ only individuals who may legally work in the U.S. — either U.S. citizens or foreign citizens who have the necessary authorization. E-Verify is a fast, accurate online service that compares information from an employee’s Form I-9 to data from U.S. Department of Homeland Security and Social Security Administration records to confirm employment eligibility. The E-Verify Connector provides tight integration between E-Verify and your system, making employee record-keeping a seamless process. With E-Verify Connector, employment eligibility reports are automatically saved within the application’s employee records, where they can be easily accessed and referenced for compliance purposes.

EverythingBenefits Carrier and Benefits Connectivity Services

EverythingBenefits specializes in providing a range of services to streamline and automate much of the manual, repetitive, and error-prone benefits communication and management service. EverythingBenefits is a trusted partner that connects to the system every day and extracts necessary information for its services. Health and voluntary data, as applicable, is validated and transformed into the format requested by the outgoing vendor and is sent to them electronically.
  • eCarrier Connectivity: Automated communication of health and financial benefits data to insurance carriers, financial providers, and TPAs from our system, your system of record — no paper forms, faxing, or manual data entry needed
  • COBRA Administration: A full range of services associated with COBRA compliance including initial notices, COBRA notices, premium collection and remittance, reinstatements, and more
  • COBRA Carrier Remittances: Updated report showing all COBRA premiums collected by EverythingBenefits, both via check and EFT
  • Carrier Concierge: White-glove service whereby EverythingBenefits becomes the first line of support in communications with insurance and financial providers post-production related to Carrier Connectivity

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