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 Inflection HR's cloud-based HCM solution provides everything you need to manage your workforce from pre-hire to retire.

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Payroll and Tax

Our full-service cloud-based payroll solution produces the perfect paychecks every time and reduces risk of compliance-related issues and penalties to save time, effort, and money

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Time and Attendance

Our cloud-based time and labor manager can handle all your TLM needs, from timecard management and labor cost tracking to employee scheduling and absence management, you'll have the tools you need.

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Human Resources

Our cloud-based human resources solution makes HR a strategic part of your business by making paper-driven processes obsolete, eliminating bottlenecks, and promoting employee engagement and empowerment with self-service.

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Talent Acquisition

Our cloud-based talent acquisition solution will help your organization source, track, and evaluate quality talent using job boards, online applications, workflow, reporting, automatic job board integration, and more.

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Our cloud-based employee onboarding solution will help you simplify and speed up your onboarding process, so you can give your new hires a great employee experience from pre-hire to retirement. 


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Performance Management

Our cloud-based performance management solution allows you to align your entire organization with automated review cycles, syncing directly with your HR management system. Retain your top talent and easily link compensation with performance. 


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Compensation Management

Stop having your compensation management planning exist on unwieldy spreadsheets and creating manual tasks. Automate and define compensation guidelines with data security in our cloud-based compensation management solution.

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Leave Management

Support employees with accurate, accessible leave options while minimizing compliance risk with our leave management solution. Automate and streamline your leave administration for all types of leave policies, stay compliant, and give your employees a memorable leave experience.


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Benefits Administration

Our cloud-based benefits administration solution  will help your business effectively manage employee benefits with helpful tools and automation to ensure an easy-to-use and Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliant process for all users. 


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Our cloud-based scheduling solution comes with advanced features like account constraints, workload requirements, and other parameters and business activity (e.g. patient census, production orders, seasonal promotions, and more — to calculate demand).

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ACA Manager

Our cloud-based ACA Manager features a closed-loop process that integrates and automates compliance, provides QA, and ensures 1094/1095 forms are filed timely and available via employee self-service.

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HR Support Center

This cloud-based HR compliance solution is everything you need to manage HR compliance like a PRO.

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With Analytics for HCM, our pre-curated dashboards help you critical business decision making data for everyone in your organization (e.g. executive, manager, HR, finance)

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COVID Response Hub

With COVID Response Hub, you'll be able to quickly access COVID tools, fill shifts that require workers to be vaccinated quickly, get at-a-glance insights into vaccine statuses, turnover, cases, and much more.


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Unified HCM Suite

Our cloud-based HCM platform, featuring a truly unified, full suite set of solutions that share a single database and employee record across the core HR, time and labor, payroll, scheduling, talent acquisition models.

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HCM Mobile App

Our HCM mobile application is designed for managers and employees alike that helps them be productive wherever they are. 

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Rock Solid Technology + White Glove Service

Everything you need to manage your workforce from pre-hire to retire.

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Single employee record
You enter employee data just once in a single database and it’s shared across all applications.
Single source of truth
With a common reporting function, there’s no need to combine multiple sources of information. Decisions can be made based on accurate, real-time data.

Simple transparent pricing model
Our transparent pricing is simple and flexible with solutions starting as low as $39 per month.

Convenient cloud-based delivery
With the cloud, you avoid installation headaches, you’re always on the latest software release
Delightful user experience
Your users work in the same interface across all applications, minimizing training and boosting efficiency. And employee self-service and mobile app allow easy anytime access.
Low activation fees & flexible terms
Designed to empower you with choice and flexibility, our solutions all have minimal activation fees and don't require length of term commitments. 

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HCM Suite Platform Features List - cover

Download our HCM Platform Features List to learn more about the specific functionality you'll find in Inflection HR's HCM Solution.

Within this features list, you'll find a comprehensive breakdown of the following solutions:

    • Payroll
    • Time & Labor
    • Human Resources
    • and much more!

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Mix and Match Solutions

Choose our unified HCM Suite solution, or mix and match modules to meet your specific needs. You can enable a solution one month and shut it off the next, the choice is yours.  

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Control Labor Costs

Time-consuming processes are streamlined — and visibility into employee data is enhanced.

Engage Employees

Intuitive modern design, mobile apps make it easy for employees, managers trust and use.

Simplify Compliance

Get the tools, visibility, and updates to reduce risk of mis management.

Create Efficiencies

Move past menial administrative duties and manual and/or paper-based processes.

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