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Experienced and Established 

Since 2002, we've been working with customers large and small, across multiple industries, to provide best-in-class solutions for managing the employee lifecycle.

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Our cloud-based HCM solutions help you grow your business and drive results



Our HCM solutions provide you with single-source access to accurate employee data across HR, payroll, time and attendance, and more.


Our solutions are flexible allowing you to easily integrate with your current technology, use existing brokers, and communicate with your ERP solutions.


Delivered in the cloud, you avoid installation headaches and are always on the latest software release — and you only pay for what you use.

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White Glove Service + Great HCM Technology

  • We focus on exceeding client expectations by providing consultative customer service and industry expertise.

  • Our HCM technology is rock solid, fully compliant, and easy-to-use, backed by Kronos Inc, a billion-dollar HCM company.

  • Support and training continue long after implementation.

Great HCM Technology
Top 5 Reasons our Customers Win

Experienced and established - We're your ideal HCM solution partner

21 Years in business, and we're just getting started
1501 Clients have trusted Inflection HR's HCM Solutions
9 Years is the average tenure of our experienced customer service team
98 Percent happiness rating reported by our customers

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Don't Take Our Word For It

“I think of how important it is to be able to perform tasks quickly and easily from an administrative standpoint that I can’t even describe the level of value Inflection HR has delivered.”

- Gwen Groesbeck
HR Manager, The Americas
Nord Anglia Education 

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Our Cloud-Based HCM Platform Comes to Life in our Demo Video Library

These short, digestible videos within our demo library show our full software suite in action. Get a detailed look at how our solution can help your business with all of its Human Capital Management needs.

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Inflection HR is ready to help your business.

Whether it's workers with varying wages and shifts, unions and union dues, payroll for salaries in the office, or garnishments for your staff Inflection HR is ready to tackle your payroll problems across many industries. Along with our unified cloud-based HCM solution, our skilled team is ready to help no matter what industry your business is in. Ensure accuracy by heavily reducing the risk of any payroll errors using our efficient payroll solution for any industry-specific requirements.

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Discover emerging trends in HCM, compliance news, best practices, and resources from our @Work blog and HCM Resource Library.

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