Cloud Payroll Solution Features

Here’s a full list of features you get with Inflection HR's full-service, cloud-based payroll solution

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Automated Payroll Tax Compliance

All local, state and federal payroll taxes are continuously updated to reflect latest legislative changes, taxes filed and paid on time, everytime.

Paperless W-2s, 1099s, 1095cs

We issue paperless forms to your employees automatically, send them to Intuit Turbotax,  and file them with the appropriate agencies each year.

Automatic Payroll Tax Reconciles

We run quarterly and annual reconciles of your payroll data.

New Hire Reporting

New hire's are automatically reported to the government for you.

Child-Support, Garnishments & Tax Levies

We'll setup you child support payments and automate the collection and remittance each payroll.

Automate Reporting & Notifications

We'll automatically send email notifications to employees and deliver payroll registers, funding reports, and general ledger reconcile reports to  your designated contacts.

Federal 941 Quarterly Withholding Forms

We'll automatically file your quarterly federal 941 withholding forms.

Annual Federal 940,  W-3, 1095 Forms

We'll file your annual report for unemployment wages and tax liabilities under Federal Unemployment and Tax Act (FUTA), your W-3, and submit your 1095 forms to the IRS electronically.

Quarterly & Annual State and Local Filings

We'll file your quarterly unemployment and state and local withholding forms and ensure your annual forms are filed and submitted.

Electronic Copies Uploaded to Your Portal

You'll always have copies of your filed returns and a statement of deposits available to you from within your HCM portal.


Use our flexible import tool to import time from your existing timekeeping solution OR automate the process entirely using our integration tools and API.

General Ledger

We've got prebuilt exports ready to integrate with your accounting system.

Point of Sale Systems

integrate your point of sale system quickly and easily using our integration manager for Aloha, Incontrol OR automate the process entirely using our integration tools and API library.


Employees can view their paychecks and payroll history online, update their employee records and submit federal and state withholding forms through your companies HCM portal.

Vacation & Sick Time Policies

Setup time-off policies and track vacation and sick balances and company liability.

Automated Benefit Plan & Payroll Deductions

You can setup your employer and employee benefit plan pricing and tiers to automatically deduct from employees each payroll.

Unlimited Earnings/Deduction Codes

Inflection HR will setup deduction and earning codes for you so you can track your payments and deductions to employees using codes that are meaningful and descriptive to you.

Charitable Contributions

Setup deductions and automate the payment to charities of your choice.

General Ledger Reporting & Exports

We'll automatically file your quarterly federal 941 withholding forms.

Retirement Plan Reporting

We'll help you create a custom retirement plan report and can even upload your report directly to your retirement plan vendor.

Easy Ad Hoc Reports

Use our built in report writer to create reports OR have us do it for you. We'll help you configure and create reports that are meaningful and impactful to you.

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Cloud Payroll Features List

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