Cloud Time & Labor Features

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Control labor costs with the following flexible, cloud-based time & labor mangagement features

Employee & Manager Self-Service
Allow users to manage various aspects of their accounts, including timesheets, employee demographics, and more.
Timesheet Approval Workflow
Create up to five approval levels with as many approvers on each level as needed.
Company Dashboard
Role-based views provide insight into key workforce data with the ability to respond.
Time-Off Request Tool
Automate processes associated with employee time off, including request, approval, and balance and liability management.
Multiple Pay Periods
Conduct weekly, biweekly, and/or monthly pay periods.
Flexible Pay Rules & Rates
Our rules-based system covers every scenario encountered in your business.
Pay & Time-Off Categories
Set up multiple pay and time off categories to meet your unique needs.
Itemized Expense Tracking
Track and manage business expenses for each employee (check out our post about tracking labor costs to improve productivity).
Points Tracking
Identify attendance trends by assigning points to attendance events.
Exception Tracking
Color-coded reports track configured events (early in, early out, long lunches, etc.) to give you real-time insight into what's happening.
Payroll Processing
Use our flexible export tool to forward time data to your current payroll solution or automate the process using Inflection HR's cloud payroll solution.
Point Of Sale Systems
Integrate your point of sale system quickly and easily using our integration manager for Aloha and InControl or automate the process entirely using our integration tools and API library.
Employees can view their time cards online, make change requests, request time off, update their schedules, and more via your company's HCM portal.
Vacation & Sick Time Policies
Set up time-off policies and track vacation and sick balances and company liability (Check out our guide to absence management).
Pay & Time-Off Categories
Set up multiple pay and time-off categories to meet your unique needs. 
Import & Export Utility
Explore a wide range of options for importing and exporting data to and from the system.
Event Notifications Module
Configure custom email notifications to be sent based upon specific events.
Easy Ad Hoc Reports
Use our built-in report writer to create reports or have us do it for you. We help you configure and create reports that are meaningful and impactful to you.

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Timekeeping Solution Feature List

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