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Paycheck distribution options

Enrolling in direct deposit

If you have employees opting for live checks, consider enrolling them in direct deposit. This is a great option for employees who are on-site, remote, or on leave.

Download Our Job Aids
Maintaining Employee Direct Deposit Information (Admin)
Viewing and Updating My Direct Deposit (Employee)
These job aids can also be found in the My Learning solution with other helpful payroll job aids and training.

  • To access My Learning in the Classic experience, log in to Workforce Ready and go to My Account > My Learning

  • To access My Learning in the New UI, log in to Workforce Ready and go to My Info > Help > My Learning

Here are three tips to help ensure a smooth move to direct deposit.

  • Utilize employee self-service — To limit the amount of printing, you can avoid printing direct deposit advice slips and notify employees that their direct deposit slips will be available via employee self-service (if rules and regulations for your organization permit).

  • Evaluate prenote settings — If you are trying to get as many employees on direct deposit, you may want to review your prenote settings and consider waiving them or reducing it fewer days, so more employees have lived direct deposit accounts more quickly. To do this go to Company Settings>Global Setup>Company Setup and select the Payroll tab and scrolling to the Payroll Setting widget. Here you can adjust the field “Prenote Expires in” found in the Default Employee Settings box.

  • Leverage the mobile app - If your employees are using the new Mobile App, they can set up and edit direct deposit information from right within the app. 

Pay Cards

If an employee doesn’t have an active direct deposit account through an established bank, Pay Cards are an efficient way to ensure employees are paidThere are many vendors to choose from with offerings that come at no cost to the employer. Many vendors may also offer free services for cardholders.

Inflection HR has an established partnership with pay card vendor Spentra and get you setup quickly for no additional costs or fees. Email us at support@inflectionhr.com and we'll get to work getting your paycard solution setup. 

You can also use your vendor of choice if the vendor can be set up as a direct deposit transaction in our system. Reach out your support team for more information if you have an existing vendor. 

Onsite Printing

It is always good practice to have supplies on hand to print live checks for your employees at your physical location. We suggest clients make sure they have the following at their location as part of their back-up plan:

  • Printer — Most any printer can be used to print checks, but you’ll want to make sure you have one that can support a MICR toner cartridge.

  • MICR Toner Cartridge — This is a special toner cartridge typically used to print checks. If you print a check with a regular toner cartridge, it will likely be rejected by the bank when it is processed.

If you would like to move your check printing in-house as a backup option, our support team can assist you with moving the print settings to output to your internal printer. Please email us at support@inflectionhr.com

Check Stock
Inflection HR can be printed on checks offered by NELCO Solutions.  Customers can order directly through them by selecting this link.


Fedex Delivery

We will continue to deliver payroll packages through Fedex to your default delivery location. FedEx is considered an essential business and may continue to operate under state of emergency and shelter in place orders recently issued in the U.S. Fedex is and will continue to operate to and from impacted areas as local conditions and restrictions allow. For more information, refer to Fedex service impact website by clicking here .

Create a case with our support team before your submission date to change your delivery location or discuss alternative arrangements.