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by Jen Leigh on April 5, 2018

Payroll's Pivotal Role in Engaging Employees

We function within a global marketplace that’s constantly changing; it’s expanding and it’s getting far more competitive. Therefore, in order to survive, organizations must adapt. Speaking of adaptation, one area that clearly needs attention is employee engagement.

If your employees aren’t giving their best, you can be sure that your organization is going to lose the race. So, how can an organization make sure that employees perform as expected? Well, there are several ways this can be achieved. One such way is to invest in an effective cloud-based payroll solution that delivers the perfect paycheck every time.

Organizations that understand how payroll issues can impact employee engagement and the overarching link between accurate payroll and employee satisfaction have a lot to benefit with regards to their management of human capital. Small and medium-sized businesses find that payroll solves problems relating to timely payments, classifications, and work benefits can cause dissatisfaction among employees, which can lead to performance drops and eventual abandonment. 

Here are some of the ways in which payroll software can directly impact employee engagement:

Paycheck Accuracy with Cloud-Based Payroll Software

Your employees rely on their paychecks to help them get through the month. So, it’s only natural for them to expect that their paycheck is accurate and sent out in a timely manner. When organizations deliver accurate paychecks in a timely manner, employees tend to trust them better.

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This naturally motivates the employee to do better in their respective area of operations and also stay with the employer longer. The real impact of employee engagement has long-term positive effects on your business.

Today's cloud-based payroll solutions with Human Capital and Workforce Management tools deliver higher paycheck accuracy, which can have a positive impact on employee engagement.

Payroll Self-Service Tools Provide Greater Control

Employees are often required to go through complicated processes to access their information. Doing so causes frustration and eventual disengagement. Today, cloud-based payroll systems eliminate this by offering employees mobile-friendly service tools.

The average employee now has easy access to all the information he/she needs and more importantly, this information can be accessed from anywhere. As a result, a significant amount of frustration is done away with. The employee now has more time to focus on his/her primary tasks.

Transparency Made Easy With Payroll Software

Payroll systems with time tracking tools that allow employees to know how many exact hours they’ve spent executing their primary tasks. This allows them to attest to the number of hours worked and verify payment.

Other than that, they’re also likely to follow stricter standards with regard to their own working hours. This is because employees are highly vested in ensuring that they receive due payment for the work done.

Inflection HR provides cloud based HCM solutions that are easy to access and use. The intuitive user interface, and powerful automation tools drive consistency, promote fair labor practices, and reduce errors. These solutions are designed to increase employee engagement, free your time to focus on your business, and sharpen your competitive edge.  

CTA Payroll Solution Guide

Jen Leigh

Jen Leigh is a Senior Product Specialist with Inflection HR's Cloud Based HR and Workforce Management Solutions. Connect with Jenni and the rest of the Inflection HR Team on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.