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by Jen Leigh on September 13, 2023

Top 7 Benefits of a Cloud-Based HCM Platform

The digital era is revolutionizing the way HR and payroll professionals manage tasks. Gone are the days of manual paperwork and laborious processes. The rise of cloud-based human capital management (HCM) platforms gives professionals the tools they need to thrive in today's fast-paced and remote work environment.  In this article, we'll lay out the benefits of adopting cloud-based solutions to streamline HR and payroll processes.

Access to On-demand Data and Insights

Most traditional HCM systems rely on physical files and reports. HR managers (HRMs) have to trace and process documents containing the information they need physically. This is cumbersome and time-consuming, especially if you're looking for a file dating a few years back.  

The cloud, on the other hand, stores all documents digitally. With just a few clicks, HR professionals can obtain critical data on employee pay, attendance, performance, and more. This real-time access to information empowers HR personnel and managers alike to make well-informed decisions promptly, contributing to enhanced productivity and organizational success.

Highly Adaptable to Hybrid and Remote Work

The modern workplace has witnessed a significant shift towards hybrid and remote work. Businesses must adapt to these new arrangements to stay ahead of the curve. Cloud-based HR systems offer an array of collaboration, communication, and project management tools accessible from any device. Need to clock in on the go? No problem, just use the app on your phone. Employees and managers can stay connected regardless of geographical barriers. This fosters a sense of unity and productivity within the organization.HCM Solution Guide CTA Square

Optimizes the Hiring Process

Cloud HR platforms streamline recruiting and onboarding processes, making them faster and more efficient. Businesses that leverage applicant tracking systems effectively manage job postings, applications, interviews, and candidate evaluations in one centralized platform.

Automated and pre-defined onboarding processes and recruitment tools help save time and resources. Companies can efficiently identify top talent, handle paperwork, training modules, and compliance checks, enhancing employee satisfaction as they start their journey with the company.

Robust Data Protection and Security Features

Migration to the cloud has increased incidences of data breaches by malicious actors. Over 62% of businesses have reported multiple attacks involving their cloud assets. Compared to traditional on-premise solutions, cloud-based HCM software prioritizes data protection, providing robust data encryption and protection measures, ensuring employee data remains safe.

Cloud HR Systems also adhere to strict data privacy regulations, like GDPR, HIPAA, or CCPA. Regular security updates from manufacturers support compliance, minimizing unauthorized access or breaches, guaranteeing data integrity despite rising cyber threats.

Supports Scalability

Each organization has unique requirements, and Cloud-Based HCM platforms cater to this diversity. Featuring robust customization options, geared towards different industries and company sizes, these systems empower payroll and HR administrators to design solutions that align directly with their organizational goals. The flexibility of cloud HR platforms allows businesses to add or update features on the fly to address emerging needs. 

Saves Resources

A cloud-based HCM solution optimizes operational efficiency, reducing the burden of manual tasks and paperwork, reducing the need for multiple systems to handle the employee experience. Automating processes like recruitment and employee appraisals eliminates redundancy, saving time. HR officers can redirect their efforts toward strategic initiatives like talent development, boosting business productivity and growth.

Data from Nucleus Research indicates that cloud-based HCM platforms have a projected ROI of 3.2 times higher than on-site hosted systems. By harnessing the power of cloud computing within a singular full-suite system, businesses optimize resource allocation, saving time and optimizing operational efficiency.

Eliminates Payroll Errors

Manual payroll processes are at high risk of data entry and calculation errors. Automation enables HR officers to avoid payroll discrepancies. Real-time or near real-time data synchronization ensures that change in employee information, like benefit deduction changes or garnishments, are immediately reflected in the payroll.

Cloud-Based HCM platforms empower teams to achieve precision in payroll management, reducing wasted time and inefficiencies, again helping to improve employee satisfaction and driving value for the bottom line.

Wrapping Up

With the world continuously moving towards a digital-first future, implementing a cloud-based HCM solution is a smart business move if you're looking to drive long-term success and organizational growth. By embracing the power of cloud-based HR solutions, companies can focus more on strategic initiatives and employee development, ultimately leading to a happier, more productive, and engaged workforce. Contact us to learn more about how Inflection HR can bring your business the best cloud-based HCM platform.

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Jen Leigh

Jen Leigh is a Senior Product Specialist with Inflection HR's Cloud Based HR and Workforce Management Solutions. Connect with Jenni and the rest of the Inflection HR Team on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.